Feature Form

The term "Feature" refers to any named object on your map.  These features are organized into layers.  The feature form is where you view or edit the text describing a single feature.  The feature form is displayed whenever you click on a feature on the map, select a feature from the layer's browse screen, or draw a new feature.

A feature is typically described with several attributes called "fields".  These fields are listed in the first column of the feature form with their respective values shown to the right.  Besides having different names, these fields also come in different types.  The field type controls the type of information that can be entered as well as how it is displayed.  See the field properties topic for a description of each of the field types.  You can modify this field list using the Add/Remove Fields button.

Attachments Field
Most layers have an attachments field which allows you to attach pictures and other documents to a feature.  See Attachments for more information.

Log Field
A Log field is indicated by an "Add/View Notes" button in the field.  This special field type allows you to keep a chronological log of maintenance and other activities done to this feature.  See Log Field for more information.

Form Size
Click and drag the grip in the bottom right corner of the feature form to resize the form to your liking.

Certain actions can be performed on the currently selected feature via the drop down list at the bottom of the feature form.  Your menu may not contain all of these actions since each option is only shown when applicable.  Many of these same actions can also be performed on a batch of features either from the browse screen or the select and modify screen.

Delete Feature
Select this action to delete the selected feature.

Change Layer
Select this action to copy or move the selected feature to another layer.  See Move Feature To Different Layer.

Break Polyline
Select this action to break a polyline into two separate features.  After selecting this action you will be prompted to pick a point anywhere along this feature's polyline.  Then the polyline will be split at that point and a duplicate copy of this feature will be created.  All text, notes, and attachments associated with the original feature are copied to the second feature.

Adjust Points
Select this action to adjust the location of one or more points of this feature.  See Adjust Points.

Reverse Polyline
This action only shows up when the display settings for your layer are set to use the arrow line style.  Clicking here will change the physical order of the points for a polyline so that the arrow will now point in the opposite direction.  You can also use the Select and Modify tool to reverse several polylines at once.

Move To GPS
Use this action to move an existing point on your map to align with your current GPS location.  For example, let's say you previously marked your manhole locations by just estimating their location and now you want to use a GPS to correct these points.  To do that you connect to a high precision GPS device, then turn on GPS tracking, then stand over the manhole, then click on the existing manhole on the map,  then choose "Move To GPS" from the Feature Form's action menu.  This action menu item only shows up if the feature you clicked on is within 100ft of your current GPS location.

Click here to display a print preview of this same feature information formatted for printing.  See the Quick Print and Large Format Print option found on the main menu if you want to print the map.

Other Notes
The actions list at the bottom of the form provides a way for you to delete this feature or to adjust its points.

To make changes to a feature you must be an authorized editor of that layer.  See User Permissions.

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