Layer Screen - Browse

The Browse screen lists all features belonging to the selected layer. If you recently did a search, the list may be showing only select features as indicated by the description at the top of the list.  In the latter case you can click the "Browse full index" link to return to a list of all features.

This screen has four tabs across the top including Browse, Search, Settings, and More which all pertain to the currently selected layer.

To locate a feature simply click on that feature in the list.  This zooms the map to that location and display the feature form, where you can view or edit the details of that feature.  

To add a feature use the Draw button found on the map's main tool bar.

To delete a feature first select it and then select "delete" in the action selection at the bottom of the list.  You can also delete features using the select tool.  See Select and Modify.

To change the columns, or fields in the list use the Add/Remove Fields button on the More tab of this screen

To sort the list click on one of the column headings.  Click the column heading a second time to reverse the sort order.

To search for a certain feature use the Search tab at the top of the screen.

To expand the screen click on the grip in the bottom right corner of the list and drag it to the right.

Action Menu
At the bottom of the browse screen is a drop down menu listing several actions you can take on the features in the list.  Your menu may not contain all of these actions since each option is only shown when applicable.  For example, some actions may only show when you have one or more features selected in the list.  Or some only show when you have edit permission for the current layer.

Delete Selected Ftrs
Select one or more features in the list and then select this action to delete those features.

Change Layer
Select one or more features in the list and then select this action to move those features to a different layer.  See Move Features To Different Layer for more details.

Export To CSV
This action exports all features in the list to a CSV file that can be opened in Excel or some other spreadsheet program.

Calculate Total Length
This action will calculate the total length of all features in your list.  This only applies to polyline-based features (not points or areas).  You can also calculate the total length of select features using the Select and Modify tool

Print List
This action open the report screen where you can customize and print a listing of all features in this layer

Zoom To Selected
This action will zoom the map to a view that best shows all selected features

Select All
This action is only available when browsing search results.  It selects all features in the list.

Set Field Value
This action can be used to do a batch edit on all selected features.  See Set Field Value for more information.

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