Some layers come with the ability to attach pictures and other documents to individual features.

How Do I Add Attachments
When you create a new feature or click on an existing feature, the feature form is displayed.  If this layer supports attachments you will see a field on this form that contains a link to either add or view attachments.  Click this link and the field will expand to show a preview of any existing attachments.  Click on any preview to view the document full screen.  The following options are available for attaching new documents.

If you are using a tablet device click the camera icon to take a picture using the native camera application on your device.  After taking the picture click the Upload button to complete the process.

Click the File icon to select an existing picture or other file on your tablet or computer to attach to this feature.  This can be PDF files, Word documents, Excel files, Jpeg's, videos, or any other document that you and other members of your agency are capable of viewing in your browsers.  Once you have selected your file click the upload button to complete the process.

Map Pic
Click the Map Picture icon to capture an image from the map itself.  This can be either an aerial shot  of the area or a Google Street View image.  These types of screen shots are especially useful when combined with the ability to Markup your images using the Picture Editor.  For more about taking these screen shots see Map Picture Taker.

All documents are stored on our server and are accessible to all other users on your account.

How To Add An Attachment Field To Your Layer
If your layer does not have an attachments field you can add one using the Add/Remove Fields tool found on that layer's More tab

Special Permissions
See the non-editor exception settings on the Layer Settings screen which allows users who don't have edit permission on a layer to still be able to add attachments

Download All Attachments
Use the Export Attachments tool on the Export menu to download a zip file of all your attachments for a select layer.

Note about TIFF images
If you add a TIFF image as an attachment then this image will be automatically converted to the JPG image format to make it compatible with more browsers.

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