The term "Export" refers to the process of extracting data out of our cloud-based storage system and downloading it to your computer.  The Export menu, found on the main menu, contains a few tools that allow you to extract layers from your map and make them available to other programs.  Click any of the options below for more details.

Export to Shapefile
Export a layer to an ESRI Shapefile.

Export to CSV file
Export a layer to a spreadsheet file.

Export Attachments
Export all pictures and documents attached to a layer.

Export to DML file
If you are sending a copy of a layer to another user of this same GIS software then use this export option.  The DML file format will not, however, be useful to people using other GIS software.

Export to KMZ file
Export a layer to a type commonly used for transferring data between different applications. 

Export Log Sheets
If you have a LOGSHEET field in your layer then use this option to export that data out to a CSV file.

See Geodatabase Tools for instructions on exporting to an ESRI Geodatabase

Diamond Maps also has a built-in WFS server that allows 3rd party GIS applications to connect directly to the Diamond Maps server and view your layers live.  See WFS Server for more on that.

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