Working With ESRI Geodatabases

Diamond Maps allows you to import data from and export data to an ESRI File Geodatabase (GDB), or Personal Geodatabase (MDB).  But it requires downloading our free Geodatabase Tools app on a Windows computer.

First Time Setup

  1. Download the installer onto a windows computer using this link   Download InstallGDBTools.exe
  2. After installing you will have a new item on your start menu called "Diamond Maps Geodatabase Tools"

Importing Layers From A GDB To Diamond Maps

  1. Run the Geodatabase Tools app
  2. Click the "Import" button and then click "Select FGDB" 
  3. Browse to and select the gdb folder that you want to import
  4. Select one of the Feature classes to import (you have to do these one at a time)
  5. Select which fields from this feature class should be imported.  Diamond Maps will preselect all fields that have data in them.
  6. Click Next
  7. Next it will prompt you to login (see note below *)
  8. Next select the map that you want to import this data into. This list only shows maps for which you have map manager permission.
  9. The import may take a few minutes depending on the size of the data.

Exporting Layers From Diamond Maps To A GDB

  1. Run the Geodatabase Tools app
  2. Click the "Export" button and then click "Select FGDB" 
  3. Select the map containing the layers you want to export
  4. Select one or more layers from this map to export
  5. The export process will start.  When finished, the status screen will show you the location of the new GDB folder created on your local computer.  
  6. Click the "Close" button.

* Important: Since you can only be logged in at one location at a time, do not login to your map with the same user name until the import/export is finished.  Doing so may cause the import/export to abort prematurely.

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