Account Summary Screen

An account is a set of users that share access to a set of maps and is controlled by one or a few people with the roll of "Account Manager".  If you are a municipality, or company then your team probably has a single account under which all your users and maps are managed.  To access the account screen select "Account & User List" from the menu of your map.  Or go to

Account Managers

The Account Manager is the top level authority within the system. You can have up to 8 account managers, however, most customers just have one or two.  The first account manager is set at the time the account is created and cannot be changed.  The other account managers can be set and changed by the first account manager.  Account managers are the only users with permission to add and remove users from the account.  After all, these are the people responsible for paying the bill so they are the ones who decide who gets to use the system.

How To Activate An Account

If you are currently in a free trial or if your free trial recently expired you can start your subscription by either calling us and requesting an invoice or by clicking the "Activate Account" button on the account screen.  This will prompt you to select your user quantity and whether you would like to pay by annual invoice or monthly credit card payment.   

How To Cancel An Account

To cancel your account click the Menu button in the bottom right corner of the account summary section and then click "Unsubscribe" button.  

How To Increase Or Decrease The Number Of Users You Are Billed For

Click the menu buttonin the bottom right corner of the account summary section and then click "Upgrade/Downgrade".  This will prompt you for your desired quantity and adjust your bill.

How To Change The Credit Card Used For Billing

Click the menu button in the bottom right corner of the account summary section and then click "Change Payment Method".  

Account Maps

This section of the account screen lists all maps that belong to this account.  If a map on a different account has been shared with this account then you will see those maps listed here also with a subtitle indicate which account it is from (See "Outsider Access" on Map Properties screen).  See Account Maps.

Account Users

This section of the account screen lists all users on this account.  See Account Users

Other Accounts

If you are a user on more than one account then each of those accounts will be listed in the side bar on the left side of the screen.  Be sure to select the correct account before you make changes to it.

All Maps

Choose "All Maps" in the left side bar of the account screen to see a consolidated list of all map that you have access to regardless of which account they belong to. 

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