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When I open my map it starts out in the wrong place.

To change the starting view for a map first zoom or pan the map to the desired viewing area. Then select "Map Properties" from the map menu. Then click the "Use current view" button

Can I control who makes changes to my map?

Yes. By default, every new user added to your account can only view the map. You must grant each user edit permission to specific layers before they can add, change, or delete features on that layer. For more about this see the video.

I selected the arrow line style for my sewer layer but many lines point in the wrong direction.

The arrow line style represents all of your lines with an arrow pointing in the direction that the line was originally drawn. To change the direction of a line, click it on the map and then select "reverse poly" from the action menu.

I added a new user but he never got an email with his password.

Whenever you add a new user to your account, the system will computer generate a password for them and email it to them. These emails have a tendency to end up in your junk mail folder. Check there or from your account screen you can select that user and click "Resend credentials" to send them another email.

How much would you charge to map a small system with 500 connections?

We don't provide any mapping or field collection services. We just provide you with the software and coaching to do it yourself. But we do work with several engineering companies and individuals around the country who use Diamond Maps to deliver their services and can put you in touch with one of them for a quote.

 Can I create more than one map?

You can create any number of maps on your account and there is no extra charge. See the Managing Maps video for how to do that

 How do I get this on my phone?

See How to create a button on my home screen for instructions on setting Diamond Maps up on your phone.

 Why can't I see the calendar button next to my date field?

If you are viewing a feature form with a date field and don't see the calendar button to the right of the field that means you don't have edit permission for that layer. See Permissions video

 How do you reconcile changes made by different people on the same layer?

You are probably asking this question because you know how difficult this can be to manage in some GIS software. But because your users are working off of a live connection to a central database, there is never a need to synchronize data. Each add, change, and delete is immediately applied to the server as they happen and shared with all other users.

 What if I lose my internet connection before I get a chance to save?

There is no save button. Every time you draw a line, delete a point, or change a value, your change is immediately saved to our server.

 How do I backup my data?

We backup your layers every night and maintain past versions of your layers so that you can recall them if anything goes wrong. For those that still want their own local backup, it is just a few clicks to backup all your layers to a local shapefile or Geodatabase.

 How do I change the diameter for just 50ft of a pipe?

When you click on a polyline representing a pipe on the map, it highlights a length of pipe that might be just a few feet or it could be several blocks long depending on how it was drawn. The attributes that are displayed in the popup window, such as material, diameter, etc, pertain to the entire length of pipe. If you just replaced, lets say, one block of this pipe with a different size then you need to split this pipe in two so that you can apply different attributes to each part. To do this click on the pipe and then select "break poly" from the action menu. Next you will be prompted to pick the break point along the existing line. Once you are done you can now click on each part and change their attributes independant of the other.

 Can I import a Geodatabase?

Yes. The import menu in Diamond Maps has options for importing and exporting ESRI Shapefiles, KML files, and CSV files. Or you can install our free Geodatabase Tools app (on a Windows computer) to import or export ESRI File Geodatabases. Read more at Geodatabase Tools. Or watch How to Import A Geodatabase.

 What kind of tablet do you recommend?

We have tested Diamond Maps on every imaginable tablet using various browsers and so far it works well on all of them. Most of the lower end tablets must interface with your phone to get internet access. But if you want a little more convenience in that area you can get a tablet with a built in cellular modem which allows you to get a direct internet connection anywhere that has a cell single. Since Diamond Maps stores everything on the cloud it doesn't really matter how much storage your tablet has. Tablet's with a built-in stylus are ideal because they allow you to point and click with a higher precision.

 What if someone goes in and deletes everything we have done?

We backup all of your layers every night and you can recover these files yourself from any date in the past.

 How do I print?

Select "Quick Print" from the map's menu to do a quick what-you-see-is-what-you-get printout. Or select the "Large Format Print" option to generate a pdf suitable for printing on paper sizes up to 36" X 48 

Can I zoom in more?

When using the mouse scroll wheel or pinch zoom technique to zoom in on the map you will reach a point where you can't zoom in any further. This limit is controlled by the resolution of the aerial photography. To override this limit and zoom in even further, use the +/- buttons on the right edge of the display. 

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