Who Can See My Data

This topic describes how your data is stored and who can access it.

What is Google's role in this
We are proud to be able to offer the power of Google Maps as the backdrop of our mapping system. Their rich content makes it possible for you to start drawing on day one compared to the months of lead time and thousands of dollars required by some GIS systems just to provide the starting base map.  However none of the layers you draw or import are stored on any Google servers nor are they accessible by Google or anyone else on the internet.  Your data is stored on our cloud servers and only viewable by those users you add to your account.

Shared Data
Whenever you draw a new section of pipe, attach a picture, create a new layer, or perform any editing task, your data is automatically, and instantly uploaded to our server and shared with all other users on your account.  There is no need to perform some manual synchronization step or even close and reopen your map (Unless you are using the Offline version of the app).  There is never a risk of loosing hours of work due to not saving because all of your changes are uploaded to our server as you make them.

Maps Shared With Other Accounts
See the "Outsider Access" section of the Map Properties screen for instructions on how you can grant users on other accounts access to a map on your account.

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