How To Mark A Point At A GPS Coordinate

The Draw button allows you to plot a point on the map by using either your live GPS location or by just visually pointing and clicking on the map.  But what if you have a set of Latitude/Longitude coordinates written down and you want to manually mark a point at that location?  Here is how you do that.

How to Plot a single point

  1. First click the Find Address button and enter your latitude and longitude coordinates to pinpoint that location on the map.  See the Find Address article for instructions on how to enter these coordinates.
  2. Next click the Draw button and choose the layer you want to draw on.
  3. Click the blue Point button.
  4. Hover your mouse over the point that was located in step 1 until you see a small box appear and then click the mouse button to mark the point
  5. Fill in the information about this point and finish by clicking the "Add" button.

How to Plot multiple points

  1. Create a spreadsheet document (such as in Microsoft Excel) to type a list of your points
  2. Enter each point on its own row with the first row reserved for column names
  3. Create a column called "Latitude" and a column called "Longitude" to record your coordinates for each row.  Your coordinates must be entered in decimal degrees format (not degrees-minutes-seconds).  For North America, the latitude is the positive value and the longitude is the negative value.
  4. Create additional columns as needed to record other information about each point such as name, size, date, etc.
  5. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file (<-- Important Step)
  6. Use the Import CSV tool in Diamond Maps to plot all of these points on your map
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