Create New Layer

To add a new layer to your map click "Add" on the Layers screen.  This displays the Create New Layer screen described below.

Indicate whether you are creating a new layer or adding an existing layer to your map

Create New Layer
This is the default option.  A new layer will be created from scratch.

Add Existing Layer
This option is applicable whenever you have multiple maps on your account and you want a certain layer to show up on multiple maps.  For example, you may have a Curb Stops layer on your "Water System" map and you want to add that same layer to your "Sewer System" map.  So you open your Sewer System map, click add new layer, then select this "Add Existing Layer" option.  Then you indicate that the source of this existing layer is the Water System map and select the curb stop layer as the one you want to add.  See Shared Layers for more on this.

Create Layer Group
This option creates a group name that will be displayed in your list of layers.  You can then add one or more layers to this group.  By group related layers you can clean up a long list of layers making it easier to find things.  This also makes it possible to toggle the entire group on or off with a single click.  When you first create a new layer group you must select a single layer to initially belong to the group.  After that you can drag and drop additional layers into our out of the new group.

Type Of Layer
Select a template from this list to use as the basis of your new layer.  If you don't see a template matching the type of layer you want to create then choose the "Basic Layer" template.  Each template is preconfigured with a certain set of fields and colors commonly used for that type of layer.  You can add your own templates to this using the Template Manager. At the bottom of the list of layer types is a choice that reads 'Like existing layer'.  Choose this option to create a new blank layer that is formatted with the same fields and display settings as another layer on your map.

Name Of Layer
Assign your new layer a name.  

Customizing Your Layer
You will be able to customize the layer after it is created by adding and removing fields and by changing its display settings.

Your new layer will be viewable by any user on your account.  However, you will be the only person who can edit this layer unless you or one of the other map managers grant other users permission to edit also.  This can be done on the settings screen.

Importing A Layer
Another way to create a new layer is to import an existing layer created by another application using one of the Import tools.

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