How to Change a User's Email Address

You can change a user's email address if a user on your account has a new email address they wish to use. To change a user's email address, you must delete their old user and add a new user with the new email address. 

How to Change a User's Email Address

  1. Open one of your maps.
  2. Click the "Menu" button, and click on the "Account and User List" button.
  3. Expand the list of users by clicking on the + icon next to the word "Users."
  4. Click on the user's current username. 
  5. Click "Delete User," and Confirm. 
  6. Click the "Add New User," and type in the user's new email address. 
  7. The user will be added to your account under the new email address. 

Other Notes

  • You must be an Account Manager to add new users. See the "Account Details" tab to identify the Account Managers. 
  • Be sure to remember the permissions the user had under their original email address and add them to the user with their new address. Learn more about these User Permissions here
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