Setup Trimble R1 on a Windows Device

The steps to interface a Trimble device with Diamond Maps on a Windows computer are very complex. So much so that you might want to consider buying a inexpensive Android tablet or using Diamond Maps on your Apple or Android phone instead of your Windows laptop or tablet. But if your Windows computer is your only option see the instructions below.

First time set up

  1. Power on your R1 and pair it with your Windows computer. To see if you are paired, go to your computer's Bluetooth settings and look for a device that starts with "GNSS:" followed by a serial number. This should match the serial number found on the back of your R1. If it is not already paired click the Add Device button to add it. The R1 should be powered on before doing this step. 
  2. Download and install the GNSS Status app provided by Trimble.
  3. In the GNSS Status App, click the menu button and then select Source. Choose "Bluetooth" as the position source and then select your R1 in the list of paired devices and click Select.
  4. Go to the GNSS Status App menu again and select NMEA. Select the "GGA" format in the list on the left and then click the arrow button to move that item to the list on the right. Do the same for the GST format. Then click the Apply button. 
  5. On the next screen select Bluetooth SPP1. It should pop up saying NMEA setting have been applied.

Next Steps

Above are the portion of the instructions specific to Trimble. Next, following the more general Windows setup instructions to complete the setup.

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