Setup a Trimble GNSS on an iOS or Android device

The best way to connect Diamond Maps with any Trimble GNSS product is to use Trimble's companion app called Trimble Mobile Manager.  This provides for a very reliable direct connection without having to setup Mock Locations or use your phone/tablet's operating system as a middle-man.  The following instructions apply to both Android and iOS devices using both the browser version of Diamond Maps as well as the Offline App version.

  1. Install the Trimble Mobile Manager app (TMM) from your device's app store and pair it with your Trimble GNSS device.  Before proceeding, confirm that TMM is connected to your GNSS device and is showing live coordinates on the TMM display.
  2. In Diamond Maps, click the Menu and choose GPS Status
  3. For the data source choose "Trimble Mobile Manager"
  4. Done!  You should immediately start seeing coordinates and metadata about your position displayed on the GPS status screen.  If you don't see any information in the gray box of the status screen, switch over to the TMM app to confirm that is is still connected to your GNSS device.  TMM must remain running while using Diamond Maps.


  • If you are using the browser version of Diamond Maps on an iOS devices you may get an error message during step 3 above because the TMM interface will not work on an "https" web site on iOS.  This error message will provide you with a link to the "http" version of the Diamond Maps web page that will work.
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