Setup Arrow 100 On A Windows Device

  1. Download and install the EOS Tools Pro app on your Windows laptop or tablet. You can download this at
  2. Run the EOS Tools Pro app (ETP) and connect it to your Arrow. If you see Latitude/Longitude values displaying and constantly updating on the ETP display that is a good indication that you are connected.
  3. In the ETP app go to Settings then turn on "Replace Device Location". (Note you must be connected to the Arrow to see this setting) This will cause ETP to override your current location as maintained by the Windows operating system. Therefore, any applications, such as your browser, will now get the accurate Arrow's location whenever they ask the operating system for the computer's location. If your computer has a built in GPS, this will override that GPS.
  4. Open your map in Diamond Maps in a browser. While we are normally a fan of the Chrome browser, we have not found it to work well in this configuration. We recommend Firefox or Edge browsers for best results when interfacing with a GPS on a Windows computer.
  5. In Diamond Maps click the yellow GPS button on the right edge of the screen and it should start tracking your location. If you are asked any permission questions be sure to answer "Allow".
  6. Test that the gps is tracking the Arrow by moving the Arrow about 20 feet away from the tablet to confirm that the yellow dot on the screen moves with the arrow rather than the tablet. Note that on some computers the accuracy reported in Diamond Maps will wrong but if the yellow dot is following the Arrow then you are getting the full accuracy of the Arrow despite the misleading reported accuracy.

Alternate Method

If you experience any issues with Eos Tools Pro communicating with your browser in the steps above, an alternate method is to run Diamond Maps in the special browser that is built into Eos Tools Pro. In the ETP app click the "Web" menu item. Then enter the web address of your map. Then click the GPS button in Diamond Maps. This is the most reliable way to connect to the arrow and it will record the most metadata with each GPS point you mark. However, the downside is that browser built into ETP will not fill the entire screen.

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