Working Offline

The standard method of viewing and editing your map is to use our browser-based version of Diamond Maps.  This will work on any computer, tablet, or phone that has an internet connection.  But you may have areas of your system where you don't have good cellular coverage on your phone.  In this case you might want to consider using Diamond Maps Offline.  Diamond Maps Offline is an app that you install on your phone or tablet.  You can then Download all of your map data to your device so that you can view and edit your map anywhere and later upload your changes back to the cloud.  The Diamond Maps Offline app is free to all Diamond Maps subscribers.  

Are you sure you need to install the Offline app? 

Many people prematurely install the Diamond Maps Offline app without realizing that they can use the online version on their phone and tablet.  If you have good cellular coverage everywhere you work then we recommend that you use the main browser-based version of Diamond Maps because it is much more functional than the offline version.  But if you need to be able to work offline, or if you want a more reliable direct connection to your Bluetooth GPS device then we recommend the offline app.

How to use offline app ( for iOS and Android devices )

  1. You must first create your map and layers using the regular online version of Diamond Maps.  The offline app doesn't have the ability to create new layers so you must first create them online. 
  2. On your Apple or Android phone or tablet, download the "Diamond Maps Offline" app from the appropriate app store (its free).
  3. Run the app and enter your Diamond Maps user name and password when prompted
  4. While still connected to the internet, use the app to download one or more of your maps to the phone/tablet.
  5. In your list of Offline maps (ie. those already downloaded) click on a map to open it.
  6. You can zoom, pan, click, use GPS, and mark points similarly to how you would use the online version.  But you will notice that it doesn't have nearly as many features.
  7. To upload your changes click Menu, Manage My Maps, Click the "Sync" button next to map name.  This will upload your changes and download the latest copy of the map.
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