Valve Exercising

This video shows you how to track valve exercising. It also shows you how to color code and change a field in batch. 

How to Add Date Field: Date Last Exercised

  1. To get to the Add/Remove Fields page, click on the Layers button. 
  2. Click on your Valves layer, and click the More tab.
  3. Click the Add/Remove Fields button. 
  4. Click "Add Field" at the bottom of the screen. 
  5. Enter "Date Last Exercised" as the title. 
  6. In the Field Type Menu, select "DATE."
  7. Click "OK" to create your field. 
  8. Finally, click "Apply Changes" at the bottom of the screen 
  9. Now, if you add a new feature, the date will be auto-recorded in the feature form. 
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