GPS Recommendations

Below is a list of GPS/GNSS devices that our customers commonly tell us they use. This list is not comprehensive and is constantly changing so check these manufacturer's websites for more up to date information. "Sub-meter" refers to devices that typically average around +/-2ft of uncertainty.  "Sub-foot" refers to devices with precisions better than +/-1ft and can be as good as +/-1cm.


  • DA2 (w/ Catalyst subscription) - Sub-foot and better.  


  • Arrow 100 - Sub-meter. 
  • Arrow 200 - Sub-foot and better

Juniper Systems

  • GNSS 2 - Sub-meter
  • GNSS 3 - Sub-foot and better

Bad Elf

  • Surveyor - 1.5 meters


  • Zeno FLX100 - Sub-foot and better


  • II Series - Sub-meter
  • Platinum - Sub-foot and better

Spark Fun Electronics

  • SparkFun RTK Facet - Sub-foot with RTK
  • SparkFun RTK Facet L-Band - Sub-foot and better with Satellite based corrections

Phone and Recreational GPS

We do NOT recommend any recreational grade GPS devices like the ones you would find in the hunting or hiking section of a store.  These are typically just phone-grade GPS devices that have accuracy ratings of about +/- 15ft.  As a rule of thumb, if the GPS device just uses buzz words to describe its accuracy and does not state its accuracy in either feet, inches, meters, or centimeters then it has no accuracy.

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