How to Restore a Deleted Feature

You may want to restore a feature unintentionally deleted. Unfortunately, there is not an undo button. However, you can restore a feature from a recent backup. Your maps are automatically backed-up each night. 

To Restore Backup Layer

  1. Click on the Menu button and click the Manage Backups button. 
  2. Select the layer you desire to restore. 
  3. Click on the most-recent backup of that layer. 
  4. Click "Restore."
  5. Click "OK" on the pop-up message to acknowledge that this will create a new layer and not alter your current progress. 

To Copy the Deleted Feature From the Restored Layer 

  1. Click on the Layers button and see the restored layer.
  2. The feature you deleted is shown on the restored layer. Click on that feature. 
  3. Click on the Action Menu and select "Change Layer."
  4. In the Destination Layer menu, select the original layer you want to restore the feature to. 
  5. In the Action Menu, select "Copy."
  6. Click "Copy" at the bottom of the screen. 

To Delete the Remainder of the Restored Layer

  1. Click on the Layers button and click on the restored layer. 
  2. Click on the More button.
  3. Click "Remove Layer," and confirm. 
  4. See the deleted feature has been restored to the original layer. 

Other Notes

  • When you restore a feature from a backup, it will create a new layer. It will not alter your current progress. 
  • You cannot restore features created that same day unless you manually backed it up. 
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