Advanced Display Settings: Clone (Video)

Cloning display settings.

Video Transcript

The next Advanced Setting is the Clone setting. This setting is designed for people who are importing new data often and want to quickly format the settings to match something the've previously created. To access these more advanced display settings, go to your list of layers, then select a layer. At the top, select the Settings tab, then scroll down and select More Settings. This will extend the list of settings and displays the advanced ones. Using this, you can change the above settings to match those of another layer in your map. It will not copy any of the data from the other layer. It only copies the settings. When you come in here, we first have to select a map. For you, your list will be shorter. I just happen to have a lot of maps. I'm on my fire hydrants layer, so I want to clone this to a previous fire hydrants layer I created. Display settings have been reset, so now we can see my symbol has been changed, a few other things have changed. It's a lot quicker than having to go through here and manually setting them all. 

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