Advanced Display Settings: Min Zoom (Video)

Declutter with Min Zoom.

Video Transcript

This video is to explain to you the advanced Display Setting called Min Zoom. To access these more advanced display settings, go to your list of layers, then select a layer. At the top, select the Settings tab, then scroll down to the bottom of the Settings tab and select More Settings. This will extend the list of settings and display the more advanced ones. Some layers contain so many features that they clutter the screen when you are zoomed out. For example, this layer of parcels here. When we are zoomed out like this, it's very in the way, it's white, it's not appealing to the eyes, but you don't want to turn this layer off completely because its information if very valuable when zoomed in. The solution in to indicate a minimum zoom level. You use this setting to indicate at what level you have to be zoomed into for it to show up. The zoom level its a number from 1 to 20. 1 is zoomed out to a view of the world, and 20 is zoomed into the view of a single block. The zoom level of the map you are currently viewing is indicated in the pick list. Right now, we are at zoom level 15. Another way to learn the current zoom level at any time is to hold your mouse over the plus or minus buttons over here. We are currently at level 15. If we zoom out one, now we're at 14. If we go back in tow, now we're at 16. Besides making the map easier to read, automatically hiding certain layers like this when zoomed out will also result in significant improvement in the map's performance. For a parcels layer like this, I like to select zoom level 17. Now that we have zoom level 17, if I scroll out one, we can see we're at zoom level 16 now, it's turned off. If I go back, it turns back on. As I zoom in closer, it stays on. We can tell also in our list of layers that this is a layer that's turned on with min zoom. Right now it's visible, so the check mark is black. If we zoom out one, it's gray. We know that this layer won't turn on until we zoom in closer.

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