Advanced Display Settings: Clickable (Video)


Video Transcript

This video is to explain to you the Advanced Display Setting called Clickable. To see the Advanced Display Settings, you go to your layer, and then in the Display Settings column, click More Settings for changing your displays. uncheck this box if you do not want the contents of this layer to be clickable on the map. For example, if you have a parcels layer on your map and a fire hydrant layer, it is very common that you want to click on the fire hydrant to see its details. Because of their close proximity, you often accidentally click the parcel layer. By changing this layer's display setting to be unclickable, the unchecked clickable, it is now impossible to accidentally click on the parcel layer. It is much easier to click on the fire hydrants layer. If you do need to select your parcels layer, it's easy to come back in here into your settings and recheck this box. Now you can click on that parcel layer again. 

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