Advanced Display Setting: Allowable Geometry Types (Video)

Limit geometry types.

Video Transcript

This video is to explain to you the advanced feature Allowable Geometry Types. To access these more advanced display settings, go to your list of layer, then select a layer. At the top, select the Settings tab, then scroll down to the bottom and select more settings. This will extend the list of settings and display some of the advanced ones. You can use these check boxes to limit what types of geometry can be drawn on this layer. It is usually good practice to only allow one type of geometry. However, that is not a requirement here, For example, in my fire hydrants layer, I have points, lines, and areas allowed. When I go to draw my fire hydrants, you can see I can select either a point, a line, or an area. If I go back here to my fire hydrant layer, and I turn off my lines and areas, now when I go to draw, my only options are points and vice versa. If I go back here and I turn off the points and turn on lines, now when I come here to draw, the only thing available to me are lines. However, there is a special feature where if you uncheck all three of them, then the results will be a special mode that allows for the creation of geometry list features. In this mode, whenever you go to add a new feature, you will only be prompted to enter the textual information. You will not be prompted to indicate where the feature is located on the map. As an example, I'm going to create a new layer here and call it my vehicle maintenance log. I go to my list of layers, and I want to turn off all these three checks, and I click Save Display Settings. Now, when I go here to draw, you can see the only option is this add feature form. When I click this, it's just going to pop up with the feature box. I can describe it in here. We're going to call this our F-350  truck, and whenever I want to go check that log, I come in here to my browse screen, and there is that feature log. 

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