Advanced Settings: to Allow Non-Editors To (Video)

Notes and pics permissions.

Video Transcript

This advanced feature here is the Allow Non-Editors To feature. To access these more advanced display settings, go to your list of layers, then select a layer. At the top, select the Settings tab, then scroll down to the bottom of the Settings tab and select More Settings.This will extend the list of settings and display some of the advanced ones. This helps maintain the integrity and uniformity of a layer when only certain people are allowed to add, change, and delete a layer's content. For some layers, you may want to give all your users the ability to contribute notes and attachments even though you are not giving them full permissions. You can use these here. When these are checked, people that don't have edit permission on this layer, they can't change anything else. They can add notes to it or they can add and attach documents to it. Say you have a survey guy coming in, and you don't want to give him the full permissions, but you want him to be able to add notes or add attachments or add pictures, etc. You can allow him to do that without him being able to do anything else. 

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